PhD and postdoctoral fellows

A number of PhD and postdoctoral fellows are involved in the project:


Aarhus University 
Two PhD fellows and one postdoctoral fellow dealing with the Diet, Cancer and Health and European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition studies and with emphasis on overall dietary pattern and substitution of foods are placed in this group.


Harvard School of Public Health
One postdoctoral fellow in this group will manage the American cohorts focusing on the substitutions of macronutrients.


University of Copenhagen
One postdoctoral fellow in this group will manage the Diet, Obesity, and Genes trial focusing on the food substitution aspects.


Technical University of Denmark
One PhD fellow and one postdoctoral fellow in this group will manage the development of food-based dietary guidelines targeted at preventing IHD development in the general population and test these guidelines in a randomised intervention trial. 



The PhD and postdoctoral fellows will be trained throughout the entire project.

Furthermore, the strong Danish-US collaboration ensures the exchange of PhD and postdoctoral fellows; an important aspect of the internationalisation of research training, which is now strongly recommended for PhD students in particular.