Project management

The coordinating activities of the research project will be directed by the Principal Research Manager Kim Overvad.

The Principal Research Manager will be supported by the Project Board comprised of the workpakage (WP) Principal Researchers Marianne Uhre JakobsenWalter Willett, Arne Astrup and Inge Tetens and Associate Professor Eric Rimm and Associate Professor Lotte Lauritzen.

The Principal Research Manager and the Project Board will ensure scientific progress and approve work plans, budget and scientific and financial reports.

The Project Manager Susanne Jensen will be responsible for the daily administrative and practical organisational aspects of the project.

It will be the responsibility of the Principal Research Manager to supervise collaboration between the parties and exchange of information across disciplinary boundaries.

To secure that the project is kept continuously in touch with cutting edge research in this field, an external Scientific Advisory Board will be appointed by the Project Board.

Organisation chart.