Participating parties

For purposes of ensuring complementary expertise, facilities and opportunities and an interdisciplinary approach to the research objectives, the following parties cooperate on the project:


Scientific partners



Private-sector stakeholders from the food industry are other cooperative partners in the project:

  • The Danish Agriculture & Food Council, which represents the farming and food industry in Denmark including business, trade, and the farmers’ organisation
  • Major Danish supermarkets: COOP and Dansk Supermarked

These private-sector stakeholders will contribute to the research activity by monitoring and advising on the scientific progress and ensure that the most relevant issues and challenges are addressed.


International dimension

The collaboration with Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health will ensure knowledge transfer of the most advanced scientific methods to the Danish scientific society.


An important objective of the project is the development and testing of food-based dietary guidelines for Danes. The research group at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has been active in similar efforts in the US, and the project will definitely benefit from experience from American initiatives.


The strong Danish-US collaboration ensures the exchange of PhD and postdoctoral fellows; an important aspect of the internationalisation of research training, which is now strongly recommended for PhD students in particular.